Our fleet, comprising over 350 vehicles, is equipped with the latest equipment in order to keep the goods at acontrolled temperature, ensuring maximum product quality during transport. All our trucks and trailers are equipped with remote monitoring equipment. These devices are part of our logistics traceability system, which allows, among others, us to always know the exact location.

The objective is to provide our clients with all the information they need about the condition of the product, date and estimated time of delivery and the temperature of the transportation.

  • Real-time management of the information regarding the load and the vehicle.
  • Information about the start and the end of the load, consumption and possible incidents.
  • Automatic knowledge of the state of the load.
  • Registration of the temperatures in the trucks.
  • Tyre pressures.
  • Real time decision making by the driver and our traffic team.
  • Processing the information generated by each of the trucks and trailers.