The Minister of Economy visit the facilities of Grupo Trans Onuba in Niebla (Huelva)

The Minister of Economy and Knowledge, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, highlighted the importance of the logistics and transport sector “as a fundamental piece in the value chain of one of the engines of the Andalusian and Huelva economy, of agri-food exports and, specifically, those of fresh fruits “.

Ramírez de Arellano, who visited the facilities of Grupo Trans Onuba (GTO) in Niebla (Huelva), a benchmark in the logistics and transport sector at a national and international level, pointed out that Huelva is the fourth ranked province in Andalusia in terms of volume of exports in the agri-food and beverages sectors, with more than 1,300 million euros of sales abroad last year, 20% of the total of Andalusia. Exports in which fruits weigh heavily, accounting for 85% of total sales abroad.

These figures, he added, are the result of “the activity of a thriving and complex sector, such as logistics, which in recent years has experienced important technological advances that allow us to bring fresh products to Central Europe in a matter of hours”.

The Minister of Economy has indicated that Andalusia counts on highly distinguished companies at a national level in this activity, like Grupo Trans Onuba, a “company created in 1985, and that in 2016 has reached a turnover of 76 million Euros and now employs 450 workers”.

Along with this, he has highlighted the commitment to innovation and quality assurance in the company, which uses the most technologically advanced equipment in route planning and communications via mobile devices, such as the real-time geolocation of the both the merchandise and the fleet, or latest generation refrigeration equipment, which offers customers the possibility of tracking their product from their warehouses to the final destination.

Also highly emphasized was the decision of the company to launch a complementary offer around its main activity of transport, by creating its own service station for refueling and a maintenance/repair plant. 

GTO integral service company of road transport and logistics under controlled temperature. Founded in 1985, it has its headquarters in Niebla. The company’s annual turnover in 2016 registered twice as much as three years before, ranking it among the first 12 in terms of sales in the entire province of Huelva. 

The firm has a fleet of more than 350 refrigerated vehicles, two national logistics centers in Huelva and Álava, a commercial office in Belgium and a network of logistics nodes in Morocco, France and the Netherlands.


Publication : Huelva Información

Grupo Trans Onuba inaugurates a logistics center in Álava


Grupo Trans Onuba (GTO) continues in its line of growth and already has its logistics center in Agurain (Álava), which was inaugurated in an event attended by local authorities such as the deputy general of Álava, Ramiro González; the deputy general, María del Pilar García de Salazar Olano; the director of Agriculture and Livestock of the Basque Government, Ikerne Zuluaga, and the mayor of the town, Iñaki Beraza, as well as a broad representation of the local business community and Álava institutions.

GTO is a Huelva-based company dedicated to transport under controlled temperature that currently operates throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco to distribute horticultural products throughout Europe, fulfilling the highest requirements in health in the minimum transit time possible.

As Esteban Sánchez Bernabé, president of the company, states “the opening of the company’s facilities in Agurain was an essential requirement to be able to meet the demands of our customers in terms of time and transport conditions and with the clear objective of organizing transportation flows in such a way that our drivers can reconcile their work life with their family life in the best possible way “.

In this sense, the visit made by the attendees to the opening ceremony of the new facilities of GTO showed that both the organization of the area and the resources invested are aimed at maximizing the efficiency of traffic as well as improving the working and rest conditions of the drivers and other personnel of the company.

The president of GTO took advantage of his discourse to solicit from the authorities “more attention, if possible, to the world of transport, as this is a basic sector in the economic development of the country, due to its great contribution to increasing both GDP and employment”.  Along these lines he continued, saying that “it is the transport sector that brings products from points of origin to points of consumption, consolidating it as the fundamental mortar for the construction of our economy.”

For his part Ramiro Gonzalez, deputy general of Álava, intervened in the act emphasizing the importance of logistics and transport for Álava, expressing his delight to see the important commitment from companies like GTO when allocating important investments for the development of a strategic sector.

Grupo Trans Onuba (GTO), created in 1985, is a company of integrated services of road transport and logistics under controlled temperature at a national and international level. It has established itself as a center for logistics services in Europe, with a fleet of more than 350 refrigerated vehicles. It has two logistics centers, in Huelva and Álava, a commercial office in Belgium and a network of logistics nodes in Morocco, France and the Netherlands.


Publication: Huelva Información

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